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 Junior Bassmaster Championship

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PostSubject: Junior Bassmaster Championship   Thu Dec 06, 2007 9:08 pm

Many of you already know about BASS switching the Junior World Championship. I feel this was a bad decision on BASS's part. Not only have the kids looked forward to this for months, but to switch it only months away, and taking the proís away from them, which they have dreamed about meeting. The youths that were going, don't deserve this. BASS needs to remember, their dealing with and effecting the youths of the sport. It bad enough if it was an adult, but it's very sad when they affect the youths. James and Travis, keep your heads high, and Iím sorry this happened to you both.

Please leave your thoughts to BASS on this decision. http://myespn.go.com/s/conversations/show/story/3142395
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PostSubject: Re: Junior Bassmaster Championship   Thu Dec 06, 2007 9:45 pm

BASS/ESPN was 100% wrong to change the Junior World Championship. Here's what they did: changed the date (February to November), location (S.Carolina to Kansas) and format (fish 2 days w/ a Classic pro to who knows what-most likely coupled w/ a Fed Nation angler). No offense to November, Kansas or any Fed Nation angler, but that just isn't fair. Fishing w/ a pro at the Classic venue is a dream come true for most kids-and adults, too. Changing the rules after all has been decided, with 8 weeks to go before the event, is wrong. When the season started there was a set of rules and obligations to fulfill. Everybody knew what they were and the winners deserve praise-and the trip they were promised!!!
Go to the ESPN/BASS website, click on YOUTH and let the National Director know how you feel!!!!!
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PostSubject: Here's the latest........   Tue Dec 18, 2007 5:10 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Junior Bassmaster Championship   

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Junior Bassmaster Championship
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