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 A Big Congratulations To and A Big Thanks TO Gary Clausen

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PostSubject: A Big Congratulations To and A Big Thanks TO Gary Clausen   Mon Oct 01, 2007 9:17 pm

We should all know by now that Gary Clausen, is at a possible chance for getting into the Classic, thats right the Classic. He has to beat 7 other guys and if he does that he will be going to the Classic to compete against Americas greats. Although Gary was coming back from Conn the day before the NH jr state championships, he was still up for taking a couple kids out to try to get them the win. Gary did his best on putting them on fish and that was all he could do, from then on it was in the anglers hands, Gary Lemoine and another partisipant whos name I can not remember or I would put him in here, I think it was Ethan. Well anyways Gary's ability to find fish and know what they are doing is one of the best I have ever seen, and I fish with many different people in this club and Gary knows what to through when to through, which makes him such a great angler. Gary got little Gary and ethan on a spot early where they began throughing carolina rigs and texas rigs. They then moved and started getting bit. Gary Lemoine lost a very nice of an estimated 2.8 pound smallie infront of the camera boat. Gary then lost another 2.8 but a larry right near the boat. Ethan caught a nice smallie going almost 2 pounds. Gary moved Ethan and Gary to Ethans spot, where the winner James was already there zoning in on the spot, this was the winning spot at which we were just a little too late. Gary Lemoine then picked up a 1.5 smallie later in the day as he swung the fish into the boat almost taking out Gary Clausens head. Gary L was stoked to get one in the boat after having a rough season with only weighing one prior fish in out of the season. The winning weight in the older div was 6.6 pounds by Big James. I forget who won the younger div but i think it may have been Travis Rocket. Not sure sorry if it's the wrong person guys and gals. But anyways Gary L dropped those fish if either one of them was 2 ounces bigger he may have just won the tournament.

But congratulations to Big James
Congratulation to the Young div winner

Congratulations Gary Clausen " show them southern boys how to fish Gary make us proud" " I get first dibbs on Gary's new boat"
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PostSubject: Good Luck Gary   Wed Oct 31, 2007 5:08 pm

We are all pulling for you Gary. Have fun.

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A Big Congratulations To and A Big Thanks TO Gary Clausen
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