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PostSubject: SB224   SB224 EmptyTue Apr 03, 2012 2:49 pm


I used the link from Dick Smith's letter linked from the home page and sent a personal e-mail to all 18 committee members. I got a response from Jim Webb:

Thank you Scott,
I have received well over 100 emails on SB 224 would you believe you are the only one that took the time to actually write a message to me.
Every other message was a carbon copy of the last with a different name on them.

So I have not received emails similar to yours, I donít know what town you live in , but thank you for taking the time to write me.
Jim Webb

Looks like the automated e-mail is not going to have an impact, so I would send a personal one. I did reply to him to see where he stands and go this response:

Hi Scott ,
As it stands I am with you unless Fish & Game comes up with some overwhelming reason to go the other way.
I too moved here from Mass. close to 30 years ago and we are becoming a nanny state.

I have not received any other responses, but 1 for 1 on guys in our corner so far.
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