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 Something We May Want to get Onboard For. 1 Million Stewards

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Something We May Want to get Onboard For. 1 Million Stewards Empty
PostSubject: Something We May Want to get Onboard For. 1 Million Stewards   Something We May Want to get Onboard For. 1 Million Stewards EmptyTue Nov 01, 2011 9:58 am

Guys, I am so happy to be replying to all of you about this 1 Million Stewards program. (Hello again to those of you with whom I’ve traded emails since this one was originally sent.)

Over the last couple of weeks, Noreen and I worked up a release that will go out on Wednesday, but you get a first look (attached). It formalizes a partnership between B.A.S.S. Conservation and Recycled Fish. I must tell you – this is a sensationally high honor for me and for our organization to be building an affiliation with you good people.

Attached is an overview of the 1 Million Stewards program, I hope you’ll have a look and I hope that you can implement it at some level in 2012.

First, a short overview about Recycled Fish, if you’re not already familiar with our organization. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit with ‘stewards’ in all 50 states and 20 countries. We engage, educate and equip anglers to be everyday stewards of their waters. On the water, that might be things like practicing catch and release and selective harvest more effectively, preventing the spread of invasive species, making the switch to non-toxic tackle or cleaning up trash. However, our choices off the water can matter just as much to our lakes, streams and seas because our lifestyle runs downstream. The stuff we put on our lawns, whether we have a low-flow shower head, whether we recycle or turn off the lights when we leave a room all impacts our waterways. Clean water grows more and bigger fish and leaves a legacy of healthy waters for our grand kids, and there’s nobody better positioned to lead a charge for stewardship of our waters than us – passionate anglers. We are the only non-profit organization talking to all kinds of anglers without regard to a specific species or region about holistic (the word we use is “everyday”) watershed-level stewardship.

Recycled Fish runs a number of programs that you may be able to integrate locally including our Sportsman’s Stewardship Pledge program, Recycled Fish 24 Hour Fish-A-Thon, Recycled Fish “On Ice” Tour, Stewardship Tips, SAFE Angling, The Fish Schtick Podcast, and our new Steward of the Week feature. Patriot Records CD “Songs From the Tackle Box” benefits Recycled Fish (I can get you discount copies to use for fundraising or your own use!) and Patriot CEO, Randy Heavin, is in Gene Gilliland’s bass club in Oklahoma. Fish Itch offers weekly deals on fishing tackle that benefit Recycled Fish; we also have an Online Fly Shop powered by West-Fly and Online Store powered by Green Tackle. Long-time B.A.S.S. Senior Writer Robert Montgomery is on our board of directors.

About this 1 Million Stewards program. It basically has three elements:

(1) A reusable mesh lake cleanup bag (action)

(2) A booklet that talks about everyday stewardship (education)

(3) A website where people can report their good deeds in return for recognition and prizes (motivation)

The back-story:

Catch and release has caught on, and our waters are still in trouble. The solutions are many, and they are big. Getting some of our fellow anglers engaged in these solutions has been successful, but many – possibly the majority, especially as we look beyond competitive bass fishing - are not engaged. We need something we can get anglers to say “yes” to. Is trash the biggest problem facing our lakes? No. But the action creates an identity: “I am a steward.” From that identity we can continue to move fishing culture toward one where defending our waters and protecting them for future generations is endemic to our sport, and living a “lifestyle of stewardship” makes sense. Anything less than that will not solve the problems, but thanks to this new partnership, we’re making good progress. I know that we will accomplish good things together!

The vision:

Stewards don’t do a lake clean-up once a year. We are a lake cleanup – every time we are on the water, it’s better off on account of us. Furthermore, we live a lifestyle everyday where our lakes are better off. Imagine what it would mean if 1 million of America’s 40+ million anglers were engaged, activated and equipped as custodians of their local waters. Imagine how that takes the wind out of the sails of the anti-s.

What do you think?

There are many ways we can get these bags and booklets into people’s hands together:

> Every B.A.S.S. Federation member should have one

> At youth events

> At outreach / community / sport show events

How else can you see using them?

Our cost is $2 per packaged bag and booklet, but we’re making them available through this partnership for $1 each to your people through the B.A.S.S. Conservation – Recycled Fish partnership.

More in the attached, and of course I’m eager to visit with you and hear your thoughts. As for me, I’m off to Shreveport in the morning for the BASSMASTER Classic walk-through. I’ll be emceeing the DICK’S Sporting Goods stage / footprint at the Expo – will I see you there, perhaps?

Great adventures,

Teeg Stouffer

Executive Director

Recycled Fish

(402) 873-7255 (Office)

(253) 906-0420 (Cell)

605 N. 12th Street #3 | Nebraska City , NE 68410

Recycled Fish | We Are Stewards

Anglers living a lifestyle of stewardship both on and off the water, because our lifestyle runs downstream

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Something We May Want to get Onboard For. 1 Million Stewards
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