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 Bass Fizzing as Endorsed by BASS

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PostSubject: Bass Fizzing as Endorsed by BASS   Bass Fizzing as Endorsed by BASS EmptyFri Feb 04, 2011 5:29 pm

This is a site with another of the better videos showing the procedure.

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Subject: Treating Barotrauma in Largemouth Bass (Fizzing)

I encourage you all to look at the link. It is also now on the Conservation page as a link. The question was posed to me by staff here as to whether B.A.S.S. should "endorse" side fizzing as a preferred method. At first I was reluctant. But, after a lengthy discussion with B.A.S.S. tournament and federation staff here, Dr. Michael Allen at Univ of Fl, and especially Gene Gilliland who participated in the Texas study and has had extensive experience working our pro tournaments, I've decided that B.A.S.S. will endorse fizzing through the side as the preferred method, and especially when fizzing smallmouth and spotted bass. Gene explained that there is enough anatomical differences in these fish as to make side fizzing the only true option. He is going to send me a link to another YTube video that he says is equally as good.

This endorsement is also consistent with Keeping Bass Alive, which shows only the side method. Gene Gilliland will have an article in the April issue of B.A.S.S. Times recommending side fizzing as the preferred method. I'll follow that with a blog on the conservation page.

Please let me know of any concerns now.

Noreen K. Clough
Conservation Director

Subject: Video: Treating Barotrauma in Largemouth Bass (Fizzing)

Fellow CDs,

Our Texas Parks and Wildlife undertook one of the most thorough 2 year studies on treating barotrauma in Largemouth Bass (Fizzing) that hasever been done. They produced this video to highlight the results. The TBFN and myself were a partner in the study. I think that you will appreciate this info. Please feel free to share and embed on your state websites if you feel it will benefit your members.

Noreen, please feel free to also have this embed on if you like.

Tim Cook

State Conservation Director

Texas BASS Federation Nation

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Bass Fizzing as Endorsed by BASS
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