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PostSubject: NATIONAL CD & CT. LOOKING FOR HELP   NATIONAL CD & CT. LOOKING FOR HELP EmptyThu Jan 27, 2011 4:12 pm


Gentlemen: Time to band together and make a frontal attack against what will eventually become a state-by-state effort to ban the use of lead fishing tackle. Since the EPA decision to not create a national ban, the states are individually being challenged to ban our use of lead fishing weights, etc. Below is a letter I just sent to the CT Legislature in opposition to their proposal.

We are working with Gordon Robertson, the American Sportfishing Association and Keep America Fishing to fight these actions. It is ASA's desire to have 1000 e-mails in opposition to the proposed CT Ban by Monday's hearing. Right now they have about 350.

Please take a minute and encourage all the B.A.S.S. members in your state to send an e-mail opposing CT S.B. 59. All you have to do is send your members to www.keepamericafishing.org and follow the link
http://salsa.wiredforchange.com/o/6394/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=3136 where they have a letter mailing system set up with the latest information.

It will only take a minute to voice opposition to a stunning proposal that could affect the future of fishing - We can do this!!!!


----- Original Message -----
From: Noreen Clough
To: Richard.Roy@cga.ct.gov ; Andrew.Roraback@cga.ct.gov ; Clark.Chapin@housegop.ct.gov ; Paul.Davis@cga.ct.gov ; Edward.Meyer@cga.ct.gov ; Andrew.Maynard@cga.ct.gov
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2011 10:37
Subject: Opposition to S.B. 59

January 27, 2011

Open Letter to:

Honorable Edward Meyer, Connecticut State Senator, Environment Committee Co-Chair;

Honorable Andrew Maynard, Connecticut State Senator and Environment Committee Vice Chair;

Honorable Andrew Roraback, Connecticut State Senator, Environment Committee Ranking Member;

Honorable Richard Roy, Connecticut State General Assembly, Environment Committee Co-Chair;

Honorable Paul Davis, Connecticut State Assemblyman and Environment Committee Vice Chair;

Honorable Clark Chapin, Connecticut State Assembly Ranking Member


On behalf of the more than 500,000 members of Bass Anglers Sportsmen’s Society (B.A.S.S.) nationwide who, in addition to being avid anglers, remain focused on issues related to aquatic resource conservation, I am writing to urge you to oppose S.B. 59, which would ban the sale and use of lead fishing sinkers and jigs throughout your state.

This legislation places unnecessary, unwarranted and severe regulations on recreational fishing tackle, which will have a significant negative impact on Connecticut’s anglers. On November 4, 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rejected a petition to ban all lead fishing tackle on all U.S. waters, stating that the petitioners did not demonstrate that such a ban is "necessary to protect against an unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment."

The ban proposed by S.B. 59 is likewise unjustified. Any lead restrictions need to be based on scientific data that support the appropriate action for a particular water body or species. The impact on loons and other waterfowl is the most often cited reason for bans on lead fishing tackle, yet Connecticut does not support a breeding loon population. Further, in Connecticut the wintering grebe populations are isolated to a few select waterways. Waterfowl populations in Connecticut are subject to much more substantial threats such as habitat loss, predation by domestic and feral pets, and other wildlife and water quality problems.

While supporters of this legislation claim that there are many comparable alternatives to lead sinkers and jigs, this is not the case. Depending on the alternative metal and current prevailing raw material costs, non-lead fishing tackle products can cost from six to 20 times more than lead products. Non-lead products may not be as available and most do not perform as well. Mandatory transitioning to non-lead fishing tackle would require significant – and costly - changes by anglers. The resultant decrease in fishing tackle purchases will reduce the dollars available for fisheries conservation provided through the federal manufacturers’ excise tax on fishing equipment, as well as reduce the state’s income from fishing license sales. Fisheries management capabilities in your state would diminish as a result.

On behalf of B.A.S.S. and its members, I urge you to oppose S.B. 59. It will have a significant and unjustified negative impact on Connecticut’s recreational fishing community, and on the state’s funding for fisheries management, while having only have a negligible, if any, positive impact on the waterfowl populations it presumes to protect.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Noreen K. Clough

Noreen K. Clough

Conservation Director


1170 Celebration, Suite 200, Celebration, FL 34747

Telephone: (407) 566-2277

Fax: (407) 566-2072
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Number of posts : 85
Registration date : 2009-07-08

PostSubject: Looks Like We Got a Small Victory   NATIONAL CD & CT. LOOKING FOR HELP EmptyFri Jan 28, 2011 12:01 pm

INTERESTING TURN OF EVENTS: Well, I guess it worked. I've received a personal e-mail REPLY FROM from the Committee Chair and Ranking Member, Clark Chapin, thanking me for my letter and letting me know he will oppose the bill. Then later in the day I got another from him saying that he's getting too many e-mails. Today I got another asking that we stop sending any more e-mails. He's personally gotten over 700, and he said the other committee members are getting swamped as well.

He say's they've gotten the message loud and clear that the bill should be opposed, and that any more e-mails are just going to annoy and anger the committee members.

So please let your members know that those who've sent e-mails have made an impression and those that haven't yet done so should not send one now. Enough is enough, I guess!

Very interesting -


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