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 Some concerns & viewpoints of other CD's on Chris's leaving.

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Some concerns & viewpoints of other CD's on Chris's leaving. Empty
PostSubject: Some concerns & viewpoints of other CD's on Chris's leaving.   Some concerns & viewpoints of other CD's on Chris's leaving. EmptyTue Jul 20, 2010 7:07 pm

Below you will see that there is a little turmoil in BASS Fed Nation with the announcement that Chris Horton is moving on. This has kind of curtailed my effort to solicit funds through ESPN/BASS for conservation purposes. At present there is no concerned ear to speak into. As soon as the air clears and another person is appointed, we may be stagnated for a period of time. Please note that some of the other CD,s are expressing concerns. Reading the following should be done from the bottom up as this is an email thread. Just putting out a sampling of the talk going on.
Check it out FYI.

I personally, am hoping that Chris did not see some kind of writing on the wall as for his reasons for leaving BASS. The organization is going through some major turmoil in recent days and I am worried for BASS all together. Not just their conservation efforts. I agree with Tim. Without an in-house leader at the helm, we are going to have to find out what exactly the top brass has in store for conservation, and that will be up to us to find out. I highly doubt that corporate is going to volunteer much useful information to us. This meeting in TX should actually have some sort of focus point about how we the CD's of the FN are going to handle the current situation and come up with contingencies for some of the 'what if's' that lie ahead of us. I will talk to DE BFN leaders and see what we can muster to get me out to TX. With DE hosting the Mid-Atlantic Divisional this year, I am contemplating having a tough time getting much monetary assistance. Tim, you mentioned some kind of assistance on your end of the deal. What exactly does/will that entail? If I approach the president with some kind of offering from your affiliation, it may spark more of a cooperative attitude in their decision. I can also speak with Scott Sewell from MD and see where he stands on attending the meeting; we may be able to strike something there as well. As for Mr. Ricks knowing about the meeting in TX... actually I may have mentioned something to him about it in an email correspondence I had with him a few days ago. JUST KIDDING... that was a joke.

Bob Wallace
Delaware B.A.S.S. Federation Nation
Conservation Director
Eastern Shore Bassmasters
Conservation Director


Valid points Chuck. I doubt Tom will know anything about our conference or use it as a reason for BASS not to host one since most CDs will probably not be able to attend. The finance thing is a real issue and one that we need to address as an organization. This fundraising banquet concept is one that I hope catches on. It is how other conservation organizations operate, so it's a proven model.
I have another thing in the works which I will be making available shortly that could help you with a budget as well. More to come.

Tim Cook

Hi all,

As usual the Oregon CD has a different view of the world. I agree with Tim that we should draft a letter to Tom Ricks to gauge his commitment to an ESPN sponsored CD conference this year, however if I attend the Texas Conference, my chances of attending another national meeting in the calendar year are slim. If your state is like mine the CD doesn't have a budget. Another thought is that ESPN may assume that we all had our chance to attend a CD conference, so why do another so quickly.

Like the kid who swallowed his marbles, this to will pass.

I think the most telling item for us to watch is how long it takes ESPN to find a replacement and will they be from ESPN corporate, angling industry or a fish biologist?

Oregon would like to donate to a gift also.



I think we all are sharing some concerns about Chrisís Departure. I believe at some point soon we should collectively draft a letter to Tom Ricks sharing our concerns. We cannot afford to allow another year to pass without a conservation meeting. We will need time to plan if we have to do it ourselves.

Tim Cook

State Conservation Director

Texas BASS Federation Nation

Hello Everyone,
Happy summer to you all. So far its a beauty here in the N/E.
I will bring up your program at the State meeting on Tuesday and see how it flies. Not sure what money is to be had. If the State is willing to help I would love to attend the August Conservation meeting in Texas

My concern is mostly with Chris going on to bigger and we all hope better things.
With the cutting of the Consevation meetings this year , Im worried we will no longer be around the BASS/Disney/ESPN radar and may go away.
I think it would be a shame to lose what so many of you have to share with the rest of us.
Going on 3 years in this position, I am just now feeling like I have some contacts and have an idea of how things work here in MA.
I wish i had more time to give this important job.In MA outdoors, and outdoor issues are the lowest on the totem pole. What the State does is see us as a revenue source and not as a resource and its a shame. We fight day and night for access rights along with hundreds of other issues.

Lastly as far as a little fishing competition goes, don't forget that the National Champion comes from the great state of MA.

I Hope to see you all soon

Jack ODonnell
Conservation Director
B.A.S.S. Federation Nation of MA

Fellow Conservation Directors,

On behalf of the Texas BASS Federation Nation, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and BASS, we would like to invite you to come and be a part of the Angler/Biologist Workshop in Athens, Texas, on August 7-8 at the Freshwater Fisheries Center, hosted by the TX BFN and the TPWD. We can assure you that the two days will be time well spent.

The first day will be dedicated to an informative series of presentations and talks, focused on habitat restoration and how angler/biologist collaboration is essential to successful fisheries management. That evening, the TX BFN will hold the first annual fundraising banquet, with an opportunity to bid on quality loot, knowing that the money is going to a good cause...so drink up and spend liberally! The proceeds will benefit conservation efforts in the future.

The second day will give you a chance to see if you can out fish Texans, both the biologists and fellow BFN members, on their home waters (you'd better bring your A-game!). Following the tournament, there will be a demonstration on tournament fish care with some of the countryís best experts.

It was unfortunate that we did not get to host a conservation workshop at the 2010 Bassmaster Classic. While this gathering isn't intended to be a replacement for the event, it promises to be every bit as enjoyable and personally rewarding. I hope that you will seriously consider attending. While time may be short, we would like to do everything possible to help you attend. Thanks to BASS, The Texas BASS Federation Nation, and Sure-Life, we have a small fund available to help with travel expenses. Please contact Tim to get more details.

Come join us if you can!

Tim and Chris

P.S. In light of the recent announcement that Chris will be leaving BASS, I want to use this opportunity to give Chris a proper send off. He is 90% sure he will be attending, and I hope that many of you can make it. I feel like we need to give Chris a parting gift as a token of our appreciation. Chris has done more for our sport and for our program than anyone and we owe him a debt of gratitude. I would be happy to take donations for his gift as well as suggestions. Please contact me to discuss. Below is my contact info.


Tim Cook

State Conservation Director
Texas BASS Federation Nation
319 Pecan Dr NE
McQueeney, TX 78123

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Some concerns & viewpoints of other CD's on Chris's leaving. Empty
PostSubject: Thanks...   Some concerns & viewpoints of other CD's on Chris's leaving. EmptyMon Jul 26, 2010 10:19 am

Thanks for keeping us informed. This info is important. Without Conservation and Youth the mission statement of the Federation Nation is lost. I appreciate your efforts,
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Some concerns & viewpoints of other CD's on Chris's leaving.
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